About Gainsborough Live

Gainsborough Live started in 2021 because there was no news website dedicated to the town of Gainsborough and surrounding villages since the Gainsborough Standard closed office on the market square.

Gainsborough Live is an online news media whose aim is to bring the latest news from Gainsborough and surrounding villages. Gainsborough is the capital of the district of West Lindsey and as such deserves its own online news website.

Gainsborough Live is independent and not affiliated to any media groups. It is solely run by a group of volunteers and contributions can be made by members of the community by contributing to the website.

You can submit your news, press release or articles on the contribute form.

We will sometimes re-publish articles, if they are pertinent to the town, from other media outlets and we will credit the original publisher.

Gainsborough Live receives about 100 unique visitors per day, which makes it the ideal place to advertise.

To contact Gainsborough Live, please visit our contact form.