Gainsborough Town Councillors elect new Mayor, Deputy and Leader for 2022-2023

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On Wednesday 4th May 2022, Town Councillors of Gainsborough town council elected the new Mayor, Deputy, Leader and chairs of various committees. Gainsborough Town Council is separate from the West Lindsey District Council.

Mayor: Deputy Mayor Patrick O’Connor, former Brexit Party Parliamentary candidate. Surprisingly, he was the Lib Dem county councillor for Gainsborough Trent for 18 years as well as serving as the Deputy Leader of West Lindsey District Council.

Deputy Mayor: Tim Davies, Independent West Lindsey District Councillor, aligned with the Conservative party majority at West Lindsey District Council. Former Mayor in 2007-2008 and 2010-2011. Following his last Mayorship, in 2012, the budget was deemed a failure in financial management.

In 2018, Independent Councillors at the Town council, including Tim Davies, and two other re-elected councillors, Caz Davies and Denise Schofield, nominated a Gainsborough councillor involved in a drug dealing ring to be the town’s Mayor while an investigation into her part in the gang was ongoing.

Leader: Matt Boles, Lib Dem, Lincolnshire County and West Lindsey District councillor.

Gainsborough Town Council is made of 18 members of the Town Council elected on a four-yearly cycle. Each member represents one of four wards:

  • Gainsborough Hill
  • Gainsborough North West
  • Gainsborough North East
  • Gainsborough Trent

The Town Council manages services such as the War Memorial, parks and play areas, allotments, sports grounds, and the cemeteries.

You can find out more information about the Town Council on their website:

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