Lib Dems’ win at West Lindsey District Council

Published on 7 May 2023, by Gainsboroughlive | No comments yet |

Prior to this year’s election, the Conservatives held a total of 16 seats but ended the night with just 14, whereas the Liberal Democrats managed to increase their reach from 13 to 18.

It’s the most seats ever won by the Liberal Democrats in the district. This ultimately leaves the decision in the hands of the four Independent and Lincolnshire Independents in Hemswell, Gainsborough North, Cherry Willingham and Dunholme and Welton.

During the next few days, these newly elected councillors will be deliberating with both parties to see where their allegiances lie. The Tories will need to sway all four seats if they want to remain in power.

Villages such as Stow, Sudbrooke and Lea were just some of the seats the Liberal Democrats took control of. Despite the backlash over the recent migrant camp controversy, the Tories did manage to keep hold of their Scampton seat, although the count was extremely close.

The 18 lib dem councillors will now try to form a majority and take hold of the council by talking with the independents. They will only need one independent councillor to convince and if they do, the Gainsborough Lib Dems will take hold of West Lindsey District Council.

We’ll keep you updated.


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