West Lindsey Community Funding Event

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As part of the council’s community grant funding work, West Lindsey District Council is pleased to confirm they are running a West Lindsey Community Funding Event on Thursday 10th August 2023 (6pm to 8pm) at Hemswell Court in Hemswell Cliff. Whilst the grant funds are already open for applications, this event will help further launch and promote them to community groups, charities, parish/town councils and social enterprises.

The event will be opened by the Leader of the Council and West Lindsey officers will be providing an insight into their community funds including how to develop projects and make grant applications.

The council will also have featured speakers attending from organisations previously funded by the council such as:

Stepping Stones Theatre

Bill, Kate and friends will inspire us to think differently about the importance of creativity, storytelling and hearing the voices of all when developing your projects.

Scampton Community and RAF Heritage Centre

Joe Bartrop will talk about developing and raising funds for bold and innovative projects based on their experience of creating an award winning heritage centre.

West Lindsey have a range of grant funds to help develop and deliver community projects including:

  • Councillor Initiative Fund (Small grants for community/volunteer led projects)
  • Community Action Fund (Revenue grants for community actvities)
  • Community Facilities Fund (Capital grants for community facility projects)
  • Community Development Fund (Development/feasibility grants for community projects)

For more information about the event please visit: https://westlindsey-funding.eventbrite.co.uk . Organisations wishing to attend are asked to book a space on this webpage.

If you would like to attend this event you can book a space using the above webpage or simply e-mail the funding mailbox: funding@west-lindsey.gov.uk

Later in 2023, West Lindsey District Council will also be delivering a series of smaller funding drop-in session at locations across the district.

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