Free weekly boxing sessions for teens

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Weekly boxing sessions are taking place for teenagers in the Gainsborough South West Ward for free, taking place at the Precision Boxing Academy, X Church.

The sessions are run by Dan Gibbon, who opened Gainsborough Mixed Martial Arts Academy at West Lindsey Leisure Centre in 2010 where he also runs Gorilla Fight Team. He said:

“I have a great relationship with the kids. My job is really positive, it’s taught the kids both respect and discipline. A club running on a regular basis would help the area massively.”

Dan is a two-times MMA champion, winning over 30 fights throughout his professional career. Competing at an international level across the country, he specialises in mixed martial arts, kick boxing, Thai boxing and much more.

Starting only three months ago, the church has had brand-new facilities put in place, which have been made safe for both children and adults.

“The sessions have been a success so far and it has been incredible. It’s engaging that area and the kids in a growing sport. The kids want to get involved in the sport.”

Looking forward to the future, Dan hopes for growth high and wide with hundreds of kids involved in classes and taking part.

“I’m very pleased with the participation and I’m excited to see it grow because the church is a massive facility in the area.”

You can find out more about the Precision Boxing Academy here:

Alternatively, you can find out more information about Gorilla’s Fight Team at West Lindsey Leisure Centre here:

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