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Ron Jackson, a plot holder at Love Lane allotments in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, believes a hole first appeared around five years ago to bury asbestos. He said it was then extended two years ago when asbestos started coming to the surface. The town council has put a fence around what is now a 14m by 3m water feature, reports Lincolnshire Live. Ron, who estimates the pond is two metres deep, said: “Is there anyone on the town council who is going to be held responsible for the building of this illegal pond, or the fact that no one on the council saw fit to report that an illegal pond had been dug on Love Lane allotments? “When I informed the town clerk that I had reported the illegal pond to West Lindsey District Council’s planning department the town clerk said that yes, it needed reporting. “So who on the council is going to be held accountable for the council not reporting an illegal act in the digging of an illegal pond? “This pond should have had planning permission. The town council is now seriously thinking about applying for retrospective planning permission. “If they are going for retrospective planning permission, anyone in Gainsborough will think they can build whatever they like and only apply for permission afterwards.” The allotment site is owned by Thonock & Somerby Estates and managed by Gainsborough Town Council. The council has put up a sign saying no fishing or swimming on a fence surrounding the pond. Mr Jackson, a retired welding inspector, of Riverside Approach, said: “I told the council this pond is a danger and people are going to be injured or killed by falling in. “I don’t want to come here and find dead kids in the pond.” A spokesman for the local planning authority West Lindsey District Council said: “The matter has been reported to the council and the investigation is ongoing.

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