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Another blow to the Town Centre as another bank has decided to close their branch. Barclays has announced they will close their branch on Silver street in September 2022. This branch will be permanently closed from 12pm on Friday 23 September 2022. Barclays say on their website that the main reasons are: • The number of counter transactions has gone down in the previous 24 months, and additionally 89% of our branch customers also use other ways to do their banking such as online and by telephone • Customers using other ways to do their banking has increased by 13% since 2016 • In the past 12 months, 14% of this branch’s customers have been using nearby branches • We’ve identified that only 15 customers use this branch exclusively for their banking Proposals to close any branch are made by the Barclays local leadership teams and verified at a national level ahead of any closure announcement. If you have any questions and concerns about these changes then please feel free to get in touch over the phone on 0345 7 345 345², or with Matt Matthews, your Customer Care Director for Lincolnshire & Yorkshire. Email:

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