Gainsborough nominated for worst place to live

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Gainsborough was voted in, however didn’t make it through to the 40 finalists, which could be a sign of relief.

Lincolnshire council leaders have said they are “disappointed” after several towns in the county were included as candidates for the worst-rated place to live in England in 2023. The votes are being hosted by iLiveHere, a platform which reviews Britain’s towns and cities, with Boston still being listed as a contender.

Since January 1, 2023, several other places in the county were contenders including Sleaford, Grantham, Gainsborough and Spalding. On Monday, January 16, they were taken off the list as the organisers eliminated 40 towns in total.

Councillor Linda Edwards-Shea, chairman of Sleaford Town Council and the current Mayor of Sleaford, said: “Lincolnshire is so under-funded in terms of infrastructure. It’s the same story in rural areas.

“The district has no hospital and no motorway and as a retail centre, Sleaford isn’t what it was. It has a wonderful history and we have got lovely open spaces and lovely people, it has a lot going for it.

“I’m very disappointed and surprised that it was listed and it’s not merited.” Lord Gary Porter, conservative and leader of South Holland District Council, said: “I don’t have to stay here but my family have chosen to live here.

“My children have gone to university and come back here. The vast majority of people here are welcoming and it’s a safe place to live. People who think we should be on that list should get out more.

“There are things we can do to make it better but we are living in a world with no money. If we had the level of resources we had years ago it would be different.”

Councillor Owen Bierley, conservative and leader of West Lindsey District Council said: “Gainsborough is a very nice town. It’s got a really strong community and there’s a lot of work being done there at the moment.

“Lindsey Centre is a very large building on the edge of the marketplace. It will be replaced with a cinema and retail units and it will transform the appearance of the town.

“I think it can be unhelpful if places get put on lists because it doesn’t do anything to improve the feel-good factor.”

The platform will stop votes on Tuesday, January 31, 2023. Their website is

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