Gainsborough School is one of the Big Issue Changemakers of 2023

Published on 20 January 2023, by Gainsboroughlive | No comments yet |

A school in Gainsborough has been included in the Big Issue list of Changemakers of 2023.

The big issue explains: “Our changemakers come from all walks of life, from those quietly helping others to the ones loudly agitating to improve our world. They have all earned their place on our list for 2023.

Every year we celebrate the changemakers who are making things better. This sounds like an obvious thing to do. It is. But it does not always happen. In this time of untethering, when certainties are ever more loosened, the acknowledgement is even more vital.

We explain The Big Issue 100 Changemakers like this: it’s a celebration of the people and organisations who have focused, not on themselves, but on making things better for all of us. Selfless, frequently unheralded, though sometimes a little better known, they have noticed something that needs done, that which lifts others before themselves, and rather than wait and moan they do it. They can lead us into the new year.

Our changemakers range from teachers who, without fuss, started a food bank in their school (teachers should not need to start a food bank in their school) to a man on the front line in Ukraine risking his life to help the devastated. There are many in-between, almost 100, including environment-fixing goats.”

The teachers are at St George’s Primary School, in Gainsborough whose staff offer a free food stall for all.

“This year we carry a category for those working to help people hammered by the cost-of-living crisis. The recent period of confusion and flux has taught us that we cannot rely on top-down change. Leaders are not leading. There is no bright plan.”

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