Mayor of Gainsborough diagnosed with incurable cancer

Published on 15 November 2023, by Gainsboroughlive | No comments yet |

Mayor of Gainsborough, Councillor Tim Davies, was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year and is receiving chemotherapy treatment.

Tim is a father-of-five and he and his wife Caz have been described as “completely selfless” due to their community work in the town. Before the pandemic, the couple helped to cook Christmas dinner for a hall of people who would otherwise have been spending the day alone.

fundraiser has been set up for Tim and his family to help them enjoy the time that they have left. Caz said: “It’s been overwhelming seeing the donations because we’re usually the ones supporting everyone.

“It’s nice but also weird to be on the receiving end. Since he’s been diagnosed we’ve been limited on what we can do but we’re still supporting as many people as we can and trying to carry out mayor duties.

“We’re trying to make as many memories as we can. We don’t know for certain that he’s going to recover from it. The oncologist said it’s incurable but that’s not to say it isn’t beatable.

“We’re going to plan something each week leading up to his treatment starting and just make the most of Christmas.”

Tim says he will continue helping people for as long as he can and is grateful to those who have donated. He said: “I’ve gone from being very fit to not being able to walk to the bathroom. I can’t pick certain things up anymore. It’s things like that which really hurt.

“I’m looking forward to Christmas this year with just the family. You don’t realise how nice and generous people are. Gainsborough is such a generous town.

“If there is a problem, Gainsborough will help out. If there’s a crisis, Gainsborough people are there first. I’ve been on the council since 2004 and have never had a ‘no’ answer.

“It may not look it at times but there’s a real sense of community. I moved here in 1983 and would never move back down south.”

Stacey Woods, who set up the fundraiser and has donated her mobility scooter to the family, said: “I’ve known Tim and Caz through the community work that they do. They are both completely selfless and spend hours volunteering.

“He was voted in to the mayoral positions purely because of his heart. It’s quite difficult seeing the difference in him, it’s awful. He was even at the Remembrance Day event at the weekend.

“I think with the amount that they’ve given, they deserve to spend as much time as they’ve got being as comfortable as possible. I’ve managed to book them a weekend away with the money raised so far.”

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