Parksprings: Plans to demolish former pub to build homes

Published on 28 April 2023, by Gainsboroughlive | No comments yet |

Plans to demolish a former pub in Gainsborough to build a new gated residential community have been revealed.

Since its closure in 2009, three similar proposals to tear down the Gainsborough Park Public House, originally called the Nodding Donkey, have been submitted to West Lindsey District Council.

However, not one has ever come to fruition, even though two were granted outline planning permission.

Despite setbacks, the applicant insists that the site on Glentham Road is ideally placed for a new residential community and is currently looking for a local contractor to the development forward.

New planning documents show: “The site is bordered on three sides by existing residential development, two of which are new developments.

“Development of the application site will provide a natural rounding of residential development within the area and provide a clear and distinctive break between industrial development to the east and residential development to the west.

“It is proposed that the layout and type of dwellings will complement and will be in harmony with the new residential development adjacent to the site and will not detract from it.

“The site is ideally placed to take advantage of public transport and local services making the development sustainable.”

By being left vacant, the former public house has attracted several vandals and the applicant feels that a new gated community will help deter and lower crime within the development site.

This should also help reduce traffic and create a sense of community where neighbours interact with one another, providing a safe place to live.

A single shared road will provide access to all the dwellings on the site. The cul-de-sac will then provide ample turning and manoeuvring facilities for all vehicles.

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