World’s 7th Oldest Goldfish, aged 23 Years old, passes away in Scotter, Lincolnshire

Published on 25 August 2023, by Gainsboroughlive | No comments yet |
On 22nd August 2023, a Goldfish local to Scotter, Gainsborough, has passed away.
“Pebbles”, owned by the Grant family in Scotter, had lived in the Lincolnshire region for her entire long life.
Pebbles was purchased from a DIY Shop, “Focus”, in the year 2000, a hardware supply chain that closed down in 2011. Outliving the business she was bought from, Pebbles was part of the furniture and had become a long term member of the family.
After returning from a holiday in Torquay, Pebbles’ owners were able to see her again until her unexpected passing the next morning.
Pebbles had been suffering from scoliosis since Spring 2023 and her condition had been deteriorating since then.
Pebbles’ long life to the age of 23 years old has placed her as potentially the 7th oldest Goldfish in the UK, and by extension, the world, according to external sources and is Lincolnshire’s oldest recorded goldfish.
We hope Pebbles rests in peace after her long and impressive life well lived.

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